Other ways of application

Garden paths
Cадовые дорожки

Thanks to water-resistance, frost-resistance, natural biological stability CBPB ТАМАК having thickness 20, 24, 36 mm can be used for making garden paths. CBPB are cut to plates having size 200х200 mm, 300х300 mm, 400х400 mm and are put together to puddled sand mat or just on the ground without additional defense with hydrophobisators.

Attention! In case of use of CBPB having large geometrical sizes, because of uneven hydration and drying out of plates, from the side of the ground and open air occurrence of the so called «effect of boat» is possible, because edges of the plates can recurve a little bit.


CBPB ТАМАК can serve as column facing, filling in embrasures of strut beams and decorative packing blocks. Thanks to high adhesion to all types of paint, not only is guaranteed coating life, but also easiness of painting and renovation.

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