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The cooperation agreement with Streif (Germany) was signed on designing a plant for production of prefabricated houses and equipment supply for 30 000 000 DM.


The plant started manufacturing cement-bonded particle boards; the production line of Bison (Germany) was put into operation. The research and technical development bureau was established, a unique series of panel timber frame houses was worked out, and the German technology was adapted to Russian conditions with the help of the Kucherenko Central Research Institute of Building Structures.


The Plant of Prefabricated House Construction was founded. There was a rise in production volume of panel timber frame houses and cement-bonded particle boards. A great number of houses and infrastructure objects were built in rural territories.


The company took part in housing reconstruction after the earthquake in the town of Spitak in Armenia. The enterprise achieved the level of production capacity of 100000 m2 of housing and buildings per year.


The plant was reconstructed and the structure of panel timber frame houses was redesigned for the conditions of the Far North and the Arctic.


Houses, schools, hospitals, kindergartens for people who had suffered in the accident at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant were manufactured and built. A certain amount of panel timber frame houses was produced and delivered to the Saratov Region within the programme of resettlement of the Volga Germans.


TAMAK CJSC with 100% of its capital being foreign (Austrian) was founded on the base of the Plant of Prefabricated House Construction. This was the first time when landscape design elements made of Siberian larch timber were put into serial production in Russia.


TAMAK was one of the first companies in Russia which started manufacturing glued timber structures: profiled wall timber and beams. The glulam house production line was put into operation.

The company started to manufacture three-layer glued window timber and use it for production of European standard windows.

A certain amount of panel timber frame houses was produced and delivered to Turkey for the earthquake victims.


The company took part in house reconstruction after the flood in the town of Lensk.

Glued profiled timber and construction beams produced by TAMAK were certified by Otto-Graf-Institut in Stuttgart (Germany).


TAMAK took part in house reconstruction after the flood in Krasnodar Krai. The staff of the company received the Gratitude of the Government of the Russian Federation for the work done with high quality and at a fast pace.


A new system of house construction MAKUDOM based on the principle Build by yourself was started up.


A new trend, production of Fachwerk house kits from glued structures under plant conditions, was started up.

The present-day wood processing centre Hundegger K2 (Germany) helping to manufacture house elements from glued timber structures with high accuracy was installed.


The process of production of cement-bonded particle boards was updated. The timber bonding line was redesigned. The grading and sorting line Minda and the second automatic line Hundegger were installed.



Panel timber frame structures for the unique project, the skating rink in Red Square in Moscow, were worked out, manufactured, delivered, and assembled. The structures, which are mounted and dismounted annually, have served efficiently for more than 9 years.


Panel timber frame houses were manufactured and delivered within the implementation of the federal programme of repatriation of people from Georgia in the Tambov Region.

Fast-erected houses were manufactured and delivered within a humanitarian aid campaign for the war victims in South Ossetia.


The company took part in house reconstruction after the fire in the Tambov, Nizhny Novgorod, Volgograd Regions, and the Republic of Mordovia. Almost 7000 m2 of housing were built.

The first test for leak tightness of panel timber frame houses was carried out, which showed, by means of accurate measurements, that the leakage factor of a house TAMAK is better than the standard (3) and is 2.2. The results proved good thermal performance parameters of the house.

The company reconstructed the historic building of Lev Tolstoy railway station in the Lipetsk Region, where the great writer spent the last days of his life. The project was carried out to order of Russian Railways.




Cooperation with Russian Railways JSC in design, production and delivering panel timber frame houses and buildings including the work carried out within the programme of house construction for the employees of this company. During all the years of work 73000 m2 of cottage kits, two- and multistorey residential housing and more than 400 administrative buildings have been built.




The bronze of rating among exporters of the Russian Federation Exporter of the Year 2014.       

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Working out and application of the new Austrian configuration system of large-size panel house construction VARIOMAK the main characteristic of which is that there is a set of typical house elements such as external and internal walls, floor slabs, staircases, exterior design details which can be combined in various ways, thus, giving a possibility for developing individual house projects with dozens of different planning variants.    

Opening of the demonstration house CARINTHIA built according to the energy efficient panel timber frame technology VARIOMAK in the Moscow Region.  

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Opening of the demonstration house ANNA built according to the system VARIOMAK in the Tambov Region.  


Construction of St. Alexander Nevsky Church in Tambov. The glued timber house frame was designed and manufactured at the plant and given to the Church in honour of TAMAKs anniversary.  

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Reconstruction of houses damaged by fire in the Tambov Region.  


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