Exterior and interior walls, partitions

Plates having thickness 10,12 and 16 mm are used as exterior and interior walls facing on a wooden or metal frame-lathwork, column facing or cross-beams of public, production and agricultural buildings.


  • Making the frame hard. Possibility of use in earthquake-prone zones.
  • Possibility of painted CBPB use as exterior facing of frame houses.
  • Natural biostability: fungus and insect resistant.
  • Simplicity of finishing due to plane plates surface.
  • Fire protection of frame constructions.
  • Ecologically sound product. Usable inside dwellings and medical premises.
  • Possibility to use inside wet premises.
  • Possibility to fix heavy shelves just on CBPB (up to 400 kg in two points of support)
  • Mechanical stability.
  • Possibility to use for inside and outside trimming of premises in aggressive biochemical environment (buildings for agricultural purposes).
  • Possibility to increase sound isolation of building envelops.
  • Easy to use plates formats 12502700, 12503200

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    1-3 CBPB__General provisions.pdf pdf 2.36
    4.1 Exterior walls on wooden and metal frame2.pdf pdf 4.67
    4.2 Exterior walls with a trimming layer out of plaster.pdf pdf 5.24
    5 Partitions.pdf pdf 5.41
    9 Building envelops of attics.pdf pdf 3.39
    10 Goods and details.pdf pdf 933.61
    Appendix 1 Calculation of thermal resistance of metal thermal profile.pdf pdf 2.19
    Appendix 2 Test data of CBPB for thermal humidity impacts3.pdf pdf 3.55
    Appendix 4 CBPB tests with hanging structures.pdf pdf 2.04
    Appendix 5 Fire security decision of CBPB constructions on a wooden frame.pdf pdf 4.89
    Appendix 6 Sound isolation properties decision for CBPB 2.pdf pdf 5.46
    Appendix 7 Sound isolation calculation of partitions.pdf pdf 3.86
    CBPB node points.dwg dwg 5.69

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