Flat roofs

Flat roofs
CBPB is used in technical solutions when installing cold and warm flat roofs as a sheet-backing coat under overlay rolled covering on reinforced concrete base and profiled sheet.


  • Quick covering of large territories
  • Lack of wet processes
  • All-year-round erection
  • Flat surface lets easily lay rolled directed coverage.
  • Possibility to install trafficable roof
  • Does not demand highly-qualified workers
  • Possibility to use in the regions with high snow load
  • Frost-, bio- and humidity resistance

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File name Format Size
1-3 CBPB__General provisions.pdf pdf 2.36
6.1 Covering with a reinforced concrete base and roll roofing.pdf pdf 5.99
6.2 Covering with profiled sheeting and roll roofing.pdf pdf 6.42
10 Products and parts.pdf pdf 933.61
Appendix 2 Test data of CBPB for thermal humidity impacts 3.pdf pdf 3.55
CBPB node points.dwg dwg 5.69

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