Floors and partitions

Cement-bonded particle boards are used for making subflooring in the following types of constructions:

  • Subflooring on floor beams
  • Sheet-backing coats of floating floors
  • Subflooring on profiled sheeting, old wooden bases
  • Subflooring on fill ground

Cement-bonded particle boards having thickness 12,16, 20, 24 and 36 mm can serve as the following elements of floor: base for different coverage, underlayer, leveling plate, finish floor with surface coverage.
The advantages of such a solution are: work labour input reduction; lack of dust and dirt; possibility to hold repairs not stopping the production


  • Lack of wet processes
  • Easiness in installing finish coverage (linoleum and parquet, laminate, fitted carpet and etc.) just on sheet-backing coat made of CBPB.
  • Possibility of application as a subfloor in public administrative and trade buildings.
  • Quick coverage of large areas.
  • Impact sound isolation of flooring improvement.
  • Vapour-resistance and bio-resistance, possibility of use in wet premises.

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8 Floor.pdf pdf 2.81
Appendix 2 Test data of CBPB for thermal humidity impacts 3.pdf pdf 3.55
Appendix 3 Bending test data of CBPB .pdf pdf 2.44
Appendix 6 Sound isolation properties decision for CBPB 2.pdf pdf 5.46
Appendix 8 Sound isolation of flooring calculation.pdf pdf 1.92
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