Wooden European
Quality Windows


Wooden European standard windows TAMAK are highly soundproof, have low thermal conductivity, resistance to temperature drops, and durability.
Wooden European Standard Windows


Wooden European standard windows TAMAK are made of slow-growing timber of northern pine and Siberian larch which is durable, dry and its grains fit closely.

Good heat insulating properties of wooden European standard windows TAMAK do not only help to protect from cold and noise but also to regulate the level of humidity inside the house and to prevent condensation and dampening of the internal wall surfaces.

Wood takes in the excess of moisture when the level of humidity is high and gives it back when the air is dry thus creating a favourable microclimate inside the room.


The frame of a wooden European standard window TAMAK is manufactured of three-layer glued timber made in-house. Using glued timber helps to avoid warping and makes the product 80% more durable.

Wooden European Standard Windows

At the CJSC TAMAK lumber undergoes three stages of drying in the in-house kilns till its moisture content is 102%, then the timber is tested for defects: knots, pitch pockets and cracks are removed. After that the boards are bonded lengthwise into a lamella and then crosswise into a timber.
Every year starting from 2001 the quality of window glued timber TAMAK has been proved by the certificate of the authoritative Austrian institute HOLZFORSCHUNG.


Wooden European Standard Windows

For manufacturing a quality product TAMAK uses brand-new equipment a special-purpose angle processing center with digital control WINDOR 20M (Italy) which makes it possible to carry out all the window production operations quickly and effectively with the minimum operator participation and a special press MULTIPRESS-2 (Germany) which ensures exact observance of the window geometry.


In our windows we use double chamber glass units 41-12-41-12-41 which are an improved design of conventional single glass units and have better thermal properties as well as a lower level of exterior noise transmission.

Wooden European Standard Windows
1water draining profile
2three-layer glued timber
3dual-profile seal
4double chamber glass unit
5water draining sill groove
6windowsill groove
7silicone sealant
8air circulation groove

The distinguishing property of a double chamber glass unit is that there are three glass panes separated by air filled chambers, joined by spacers into a sandwich and glued with a sealant along the edges.


Sealing is a compulsory element of any window structure which ensures that the casements and the frame join closely, thus providing protection from noise and dust, and heat-storage. TAMAK uses two profiles of new generation seals Deventer and Q-LON (Germany). They are made of a thermoplastic elastomer which is a new generation material having unique physical and thermal qualities such as an operation temperature range from 40 up to +180, smoke penetration protection, resistance to deterioration, UV and ozone radiation.

Testing results of the wooden European standard windows TAMAK

Parameter Unit of
Standard value
(in compliance
with GOST)
Actual value
of the
windows TAMAK
Reduced total thermal
resistance (at a glazing-to-window
area ratio of 0.7) with
a glass unit 4-12-4-12-4
m2 ⋅ C/W not less than 0,35 0,645 (class B1)
Sound insulation dB not less than 28 33 (class B)
Air permeability at P = 100Pa m3 / (h ⋅ m2) 3,60 (class B) 33 (class )
Overall light transmission coefficient not less than 0,30 0,46 (class B)
Reliability of window hardware and hinges opening/closing
not less than 20 000 20 000


Wooden European Standard Windows In production of windows TAMAK Austrian fittings MACO of Mayer&Co Beschiage GmbH have been used for many years.

Furniture MACO is a brand-new technological product. There are three galvanized anticorrosive layers in it: 1 zinc coating, 2 ecologically safe trivalent chromium isolating zinc, 3 synthetic wax protecting the details from corrosion, reducing friction and maintaining first-rate appearance.

Wooden European Standard Windows

The quality of MACO fittings has been certified by the international Certificate DIN ISO 9001 and the Russian Gosstandart Compliance Certificate.


Paint and varnish materials for wooden products must protect wood from rot and damage under the influence of fungi, dark spotting, UV-radiation and ensure water resistance of the coating and at the same time its high vapour permeability for natural moisture outflow from wood vessels.

Wooden European Standard Windows

The company ZOBEL Chemie GmbH (Germany) took into consideration all these requirements while creating the paint and varnish materials ZOWOSAN which the CJSC TAMAK has been successfully using in painting wooden European standard windows.

The companys specialists strictly follow the painting technology recommended by the producer base-coating, isolating coating and varnish, each layer of a definite thickness.


The painting system ZOWOSAN is one of the most ecologically friendly. Its ecological safety is not only proved by domestic but also by international certificates TUF which find all the products ZOWOSAN acceptable for decorating wooden child toys..


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