Wooden European
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Wooden European Quality Windows

For Those Who Appreciate Natural Beauty
Can you imagine a house without windows? Apparently, you cant. Windows let in fresh air and sunlight but at the same time wind and cold can penetrate into the house through them. We can still remember Soviet wooden windows warped, cracked, hard to close, demanding repainting every year and sealing before every winter. And still they could not prevent the heat loss of 50% in the apartment. Actually, it is possible to keep the heat and comfort inside the house. Modern wooden European quality windows can help to do that.
About formaldehyde laminated veneer lumber

Inconsistency laminated veneer lumber with melamine-formaldehyde environmental standards. How justified are these attacks and is not this the result of the struggle of companies?

TAMAK is celebrating its 30th anniversary.
How did it all start? The people who contributed a lot to TAMAKs development have shared the information they have with us. TAMAKs old friends and reliable partners, employees of a big German company MINDA, Arkadiy Alekseev and Drevniok Klaus answer our questions.
Basic House Kit
In this article the basic delivery house kit manufactured at the plant is described.
Cement-bonded particle boards TAMAK in wooden house building
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To ensure high quality of glued timber structures and to maintain it during service life it is necessary to adhere to the main production and technology parameters such as keeping to temperature and humidity conditions in the workshops, high-accuracy processing of lamellae, quality control of timber and glued materials.
The main stages of glued profiled timber production
Mounting Stages of a Panel Timber Frame House
TAMAKs READY-MADE HOUSE system of construction is rather different from other technologies of low-rise panel timber frame house building. Every manufacturer has certain secrets concerning structural solutions for a house. Configuration and components of sandwich-panels, mounting and installation systems of various companies differ considerably.
Safety and Durability of Panel Timber Frame Houses TAMAK
In the READY-MADE HOUSE system installed load-bearing external and internal walls, partitions and bridging together with a roof frame ensure the space rigidity of a house. The mounted structure ensures seismic resistance of the house at the level of 6. If special measures are taken, it can be raised up to 9.
Ecological and Fire Safety of Panel Timber Frame Houses TAMAK
The structures of TAMAKs panel timber frame houses are made of materials highly resistible to biological damage. The external and internal sheathing of panels of TAMAKs houses made of cement-bonded particle boards and the mineral wool insulator Isoroc are not subjected to rot and insect damage.
Efficiency of Panel Timber Frame Houses TAMAK
The process of house assembling takes considerably less time due to the high level of readiness of prefabricated house structures. It stands to reason that TAMAKs panel timber frame houses are considered to be fast-erected. For example, a 120 m2 two-storey house is erected within 5-7 days.
Energy Efficient Houses of the 5th Generation
The development history of energy efficient low-rise house structures is closely connected with the evolution of systems of prefabricated fast-erected timber frame houses.
Unique Test of Thermal Performance Qualities of the Structures TAMAK
A cottage TAMAK was the first in Russia to undergo an energy efficiency test with the help of a Blower door which is a piece of special diagnostic equipment for measuring leak tightness of buildings.
Variants of Finishing a Panel Timber Frame House TAMAK
Various façade materials and their combinations are used to highlight the architectural expressiveness of the house. TAMAKs technology is unique because it allows different variants of exterior finishing to be used.

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