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Finishing work in the homes of laminated veneer lumber

Thanks to the Austrian factory's profile and laminated veneer lumber humidity 12% in homes TAMAK natural shrinkage of the height of the walls does not exceed 1% and lasts about 6-12 months after construction. However, all complex of finishing work can be carried out in a given period of time.
Kofanov Alexander
Chief designer of the factory TAMAK

To this end, experts use special design and establish a certain temperature and humidity conditions inside the premises, depending on weather conditions, such as during finishing, and during operation.

In the houses of laminated veneer lumber is recommended to keep the air temperature in the premises 20-24˚S with humidity of 55-60%. Under these operating conditions, the equilibrium moisture content of wood inside the house will fluctuate in the range 9,7-10,5%. Lower humidity laminated veneer lumber, coupled with its rapid changes will lead to the formation of cracks, which could have been avoided, in spite of the significantly lower number and size of defects than in the whole tool bar or beam.

A serious danger is the humidity, which can be formed, for example in bathrooms or indoor sauna. At high humidity of wood, it becomes vulnerable to destruction by various species of the fungus. To avoid these negative effects can be achieved by increasing the volume of the space, ensure adequate ventilation and complete or partial structural protection of wooden wall and floor ceramic tiles or granite.

When wall covering in the bathrooms ceramic tiles or granite is fixed to an independent grounds of GVLV or DSP with wooden or metal base plate. Given the shrinkage connection counters panels with walls and partitions of laminated veneer lumber is performed using a "sliding" fastening assemblies.

Such designs allow glue tiles and other facing materials immediately after the construction of the house without fear for their integrity.

It should be noted that any finishing work in the wooden house are many nuances, so they should be trusted only to professionals.



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