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Foundations for houses from glued beams: Screw-pile or reinforced concrete

It should be noted, high precision manufacturing connector assemblies of parts in the house of "TAMAK" imposes severe restrictions on the observance of zero marks at the time of the foundation.

Kofanov Alexander
Chief designer of the factory TAMAK

House of laminated veneer lumber is much easier than brick houses. Estimated demand self-supporting walls on the foundation average two-storey house is about 0.5 - 1 ton to 1 meter, and the load-bearing wall with all the technological and climatic loads - about 7 - 8 tons. When designing a foundation on screw piles should be borne in mind that the greatest burden falls on the internal load-bearing walls.

Before laying the lower rims they should be cut off from the foundation waterproofing of all types of structures and materials. For the first 1.5 - 2 rows company "TAMAK" recommends the use of laminated veneer lumber from Siberian larch, which is much more resistant to moisture.

In order to avoid water from entering under the bottom boards for the protection of structural foundation and lower rims of the destruction of the exterior walls of the house should be installed with an indent 40 mm outwards with respect to the vertical plane of the foundation.
To attach the bottom row of boards to the monolithic w / w foundation using spacers (wedge) anchor the metal trim - studs.

It should be noted, high precision manufacturing connector assemblies of parts in the house of "TAMAK" imposes severe restrictions on the observance of zero marks at the time of the foundation.

Frequently asked question - the possibility of using for ZAO "TAMAK" houses pile-screw bases (SVF). Consider the application of the basic provisions of SVF.

Dmitry Kopitin
The chief engineer of the construction company "Single-family house"

1 area of use

Pile foundations (in Vol. H. And SW), used on the weak (complex) soils, where it is necessary to transfer the load from the building being erected on the recessed base, appropriate design parameters. A prerequisite for the design of pile foundation are geotechnical soil investigation. There is also a restriction on the use of SVF in soils: a low conductivity, level Ph <5,5, with a high organic content, aggressive.

2. Components SVF

Screw support have been well studied in the USSR. Let's handbook "Piles and pile foundations" 1977 .: "The metal pile is made of steel pipes with a wall thickness of 10 - 14 mm." Modern manufacturers have removed all the corrosion margin, which was given to 6 - 10 mm metal, replacing it with a dubious anti-corrosion coating.

It is minimized and the diameter of the blades. The reference manual in 1977 stated: "Screw blades are manufactured cast." Let's not talk about the quality of welds, as check them out at the customer is not possible. When driving piles anticorrosion coating is damaged, leading to corrosion of the pile. The service life of these piles is difficult to determine, as the manufacturer claims the life of up to 50 years of commercial progress.

3. cost

Cost SVF only at first glance seems to be low. Requires additional financial costs to bring the design to a state of a solid foundation: to harness, to bracing for the cap constructions, etc. "Something", offered at a low price, is too costly after, until the destruction of the house.


SVF - it is not a method to reduce the cost of foundation and construction is quite expensive in compliance with all rules and regulations. Main application SVF 108/300/4 - a non-capital facilities with a lifetime of 20 - 25 years. Traditional pile-rostverkovy w / w foundation cost is practically the same, and melkozaglublenny Ribbon w / w foundation cheaper than the SVF. In this case the customer receives reliable and durable w / w foundation.


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