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Organization of large spans in wooden houses

To organize large spans in low-rise wooden housing effectively use wood glued design (DCC). From flown indoors and design load, selected the optimum cross-section of the beam of the DCC. Depending on the architectural concept of interior problems, the role of large-span beams can perform several series of glued timber, strapped together with metal studs. In the case of a combination of these solutions in the planning of interior design should take into account that the series of laminated veneer lumber, playing the role of floor beams, will have a total greater height than the joists directly perceiving a similar load. In order not to weaken the supporting girders floor beams are hung on a special metal shoes, not cut into the timber.

When designing buildings calculations are not limited, and many other factors are taken into account.

For example, we try to avoid overlaps loads on the exterior walls from the gables, which, as a rule, there is a large number of windows. Therefore, floor beams are guided, as far as possible, in parallel gables. In general, you should avoid load floor deck beams on the walls with large span under the window openings. If this is not possible, in the window openings set rack glued, stylized wooden frames, which practically do not interfere with the review and do not spoil the idea of the architect.

In practice, it is necessary to seek a compromise: either to increase the height of the beam and to vacate the premises of extra racks, or reduce the cross-section, but add the stand with a certain step.

Thus, laminated beams 1000mm in height can be used to span 10 meters swimming pool floors. In the premises of the cottage the use of such sections would lead to an increase in the height of the premises and, consequently, to a significant rise in price of kit homes, attracting mechanized cranes mounting beams.

In 90% of the design decisions cottages spans do not exceed 6 meters and at the same time using glued beam cross-section of more 140h240mm.

When the bearing struts in the building, should be designed with an adjustable mount, because glulam unlike uprights may shrink up to 3 cm to 3 m. By the way, to provide a uniform shrinkage at home, everything should be done from a single section of bar interior and exterior walls of the house. Please note that the free-standing overlogging inside the house most "weak spot" for vertical loads, so it is advisable to avoid them in places where a lot of pressure is necessary girders and change them on the rack.

Chief Designer "TAMAK" plant
Alexander Kofanov


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