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Soundproofing floor decks in houses of glued profiled beam TAMAK

The sections of glued wooden beams for the ceiling device selected design engineers of CJSC "TAMAK" at the design stage.
Kofanov Alexander
Chief designer of the factory TAMAK

Selection is carried out with the help of specialized calculation programs: "Decor" and "Base". Depending on the load on the span and overlap step and is defined by section beams. The calculation is made according to the regulations: "SP 64.13330.2011. Timber structures "and SP 20.13330.2011. Loads and effects. "

Glued beams can be hidden in the floor structure or remain visible.

To improve the sound insulation of ceiling "floating" floor must not have hard links (sound bridges) with the carrier part of floors, walls and other building structures. "Float" the subfloor (screed) must be separated by the contour of the walls and other building structures clearances 1-2 cm wide, refillable soundproofing material or products made from porous polyethylene, etc. Plinth only be fastened only to the floor or the wall.

Many customers believe that to provide the necessary sound insulation of ceiling enough insulation layer of mineral wool insulation. In fact, this solution only allows to increase the protection against high frequency noise of the air.
Dmitry Kopitin
The chief engineer of the construction company "Single-family house"

Protection against impact noise and low-frequency structural noise (sounds from the movement of people on the top floor, furniture transportation, falling objects) requires a more complex technical solutions.

Technology is expensive and requires a calculation of the strength of ceiling beams. In "Individual House" the problem is solved by creating a floating cement screed at least 50 mm, separated by wooden structures special damper gasket.

Screed floors increases the mass, which increases the effectiveness of protection against impact noise. In this part of the impact energy is dispersed and partly transferred to the elastic "spacer" between wooden structures and tie.

"Prigruza" overlap solves another problem - reduces vibration beams from knocks. It should be remembered that the intermediate floor joists need to be glued, the calculated cross sections selected in view of the upcoming designer loads.


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