Glued Laminated
Timber Houses


TAMAK is an Austrian enterprise with a big experience in designing and production of objects made of glued laminated timber: cottages, guest-houses, saunas, sports complexes.
TAMAKs authorized dealers carry out the full range of construction services in different regions.

The amount of projects having been implemented in Russia since 2000



Wood is a live material. That is why production of glued profiled timber and house elements with provided quality is a complicated technological task which demands an experienced and qualified staff.

Certificates Since 2000 the quality and production technology of TAMAKs glued timber structures has been proved by the certificates of the authoritative research institute of Stuttgart Otto-Graf-Institut that has given us the possibility to carry out several up-to-date projects in European countries.

In Russia TAMAKs production is certified by the leading national research institute in the building industry the Kucherenko Central Reseach Institute of Building Structures.

In 2001 TAMAK became the first company in Russia and Europe which mastered the technology of gluing wall timber and constructional beams from Siberian larch.


For production of wall timber and constructional beams TAMAK uses select wood of fir and Siberian larch.

This softwood is proven to be the best for construction of a wooden house giving no troubles in service.


Fir timber as compared to pine timber is less prone to cast and fracture while drying, contains less resin and makes the air healthy. The Russian saying goes that if a house is made of fir timber it is good for the hearts of those who live in there.

In comparison with pine fir has fewer knots and they are smaller; therefore the walls of the house look more up-to-date and cosier.

Siberian larch is famous for its moisture resistance, durability and hardness. We recommend our clients to use it for production of the bottom rows of wall timbers of the house as these parts of the outer walls are subjected to decay most of all.


Glued laminated timber is a product of the most up-to-date wood processing technology created to eliminate the weak points of solid wood such as casting, deep fractures, size of elements limited up to 6 meters, high shrinkage, a long construction period, subjection to biological damage because of high humidity, necessity of finishing, limited design and architectural solutions and so on.


Constructional glued timber is a product made when lamellae (layers) the length of which is up to 12 meters are glued together. They are formed by bonding together lengthways sorted, thoroughly dried and planed rough pieces after having eliminated all the defects from them such as coming out knots, blue rot, fractures and others.

The advantage of glued profiled timber TAMAK is that the raw material is thoroughly selected and there are high requirements to acceptable flaws on inner and outer lamellae.


From the production start-up in 2000 TAMAK has been using the complex -shaped Austrian profile. This type of profile has proved its advantages over the years. During installation tongues and grooves of a timber are joined strongly together fixing closely and firmly the timber in the wall without any interstices. Thereby there is no need to put heat insulator between timbers, only lock joints in the corners of the house are insulated.


After construction walls of a house made of the -shaped profile timber become monolithic and hermetic that makes wind, moisture and frost penetration impossible. The average height shrinkage of a house made of glued timber TAMAK is 1%.

Section variations

Height 190 mm, width 202 mm
Height 190 mm, width 242 mm
Height 240 mm, width 202 mm
Height 240 mm, width 242 mm
Brus-08-v2-270x202 edit.jpg
Height 270 mm, width 202 mm
Brus-08-v2-270x242 edit.jpg
Height 270 mm, width 242 mm
Photo of the object-2
Height 190 mm, width 202 mm (VSL)
Photo of the object-3
Height 230 mm, width 202 mm (VSL)
Height 240 mm, width 202 mm (VSL)
Height 270 mm, width 202 mm (VSL)


The distinction of an up-to-date wooden house project is that it has to consider not only timber and glued structure properties but all the details of production, installation and further maintenance. That is the reason why all the architectural projects are worked throughout thoroughly by the qualified staff of TAMAKs design and engineering department.


The design drawings having been worked out the computer house model is passed on to the automatic wood processing centres Hundegger K2 (Germany).

All the structures are made accurately and in full correspondence with the project documentation

Glued laminated timber houses


You get the project of the house you order free if you choose one of our typical projects. There are other ways of interaction: either TAMAKs architects or the ones of TAMAKs authorized dealers will develop your individual project from the starting point or based on the project you have.

Glued laminated timber houses


A house made of glued profiled timber TAMAK is warm, durable, aesthetically attractive and doing well in service.

The advantage of timber over bricks in terms of heat-insulating characteristics is evident: a brick wall 1000 mm thick has a smaller coefficient of heat-transfer resistance than a 202 mm thick wall made of glued timber TAMAK.

For the regions of central Russia it is sufficient to use the timber 202 mm thick while for northern regions we advise to take that of a 242 mm thickness.


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