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About formaldehyde laminated veneer lumber

Formaldehyde is a natural chemical substance contained in wood and in many other products. For example, apple in its concentration of 2 mg / 100 g, in smoked fish - 100mg / 100g.
Vadim Fidarov
Head of Marketing Department of JSC "TAMAK", Ph.D.

According to Russian regulations the average daily maximum permissible concentration of formaldehyde (MPCs) is 0.01 mg / m3. Interestingly, the level of chemical emissions from freshly sawn pine samples may be up to 0.009 mg / m3!

In Western countries MPCs fixed rate of 0.08 mg / m3 (USA) and 0.15 mg / m3 (in Finland), i.e. 8-15 times higher than that allowed the Russian standards.
Formaldehyde - a natural chemical substance, which is contained in the wood, and many other products. For example, in the apple of his concentration is 2 mg / 100 g, in smoked fish - 100mg / 100g.

However, hardly anyone dares to say that apples - harmful product because it contains the carcinogen. The question is not whether the formaldehyde contained in any material and permissible levels of formaldehyde emissions into the air of premises.
Our company for the production of laminated veneer lumber and wall bearing beams applied adhesive systems reputable chemical companies BASF and Akzo Nobel.
Wooden undergo regular sanitary-epidemiological expertise laminated construction TAMAK since 2001 and fully comply with the Russian, ie, the most stringent in the world, sanitary and epidemiological requirements.

In addition to the environmental safety criteria, the company "TAMAK" applies only adhesive system that provides maximum durability and safety of structures. For example, the conclusion CNIISK. Kucherenko adhesive system BASF Kauramin 690/1690, as well as similar compositions Akzo Nobel, is approved for use in carrying Glulam all classes of functionality 1-3 (in Vol. H. For public buildings with spans of up to 100 meters) for all operating conditions 1-4 classes according to GOST 20850-2014.

As we pick up only as an input control those materials which have the sanitary-epidemiological conclusion.
Mike Boldyrev
Director of the construction company "Individual House"

The company "Individual House" is the official dealer of "TAMAK" and builds the house of laminated veneer lumber for over 8 years. Since it is the builder is fully responsible to the customer, it is important to recommend the use of safe and reliable technology in the building for us.

As an input control, we select only those materials that have the sanitary-epidemiological conclusion. For a comprehensive evaluation of all building materials used for environmental parameters houses we engage independent certified laboratories to conduct periodic tests of air in ready houses of laminated veneer lumber.

The official conclusion of the examination results confirm the environmental safety of cottages built of laminated veneer lumber TAMAK. Thus, in one of the last tests, analysis of air samples in 2 months after the assembly of the house showed the formaldehyde content - 0,0014mg / m3, which is 7 times lower than the MPCs established in the Russian Federation.


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