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Our Demonstration House in the Moscow Region

A PL-112 demonstration house has been built recently not far from the Moscow Automobile Ring Road in the vicinity of Gorki Leninskiye within the territory of the cottage settlement Yuzhnye Gorki. The glulam demonstration house built by the official dealer of TAMAK in the Moscow Region Sroitelnaya Kompaniya VSL Ltd. shows all the possibilities of glulam and illustrates a new line of PL-System projects.

A modern wooden house is not necessarily a traditional log house. Various design solutions, present-day materials and original styles allow any idea to be embodied in a glulam house.

People coming to have a look at the demonstration house will not only be interested to see the variety of ideas for interior design but also those details that an urban resident planning to build his or her first country house might consider interesting and important for making the right choice of a project. In what way do engineering systems work in a wooden house? How can the space around the house be organized? Is it possible to build quite a large area one-storey house on a site which is not very large?

Now you can see these and many other details for yourself as well as estimate the quality of materials and works and, we hope, make your choice in favour of a glulam house.


By car: drive out of Moscow along Kashirskoye Shosse, after 1.9 km take the right ramp Kashira/Vidnoe/Gorki Leninskiye. Drive on directly for 5 km, at the crossroad turn left following the road sign GORKI LENINSKIYE. After 1 km follow the road sign COTTAGE SETTLEMENT YUZHNYE GORKI.

GPS: 55.519963, 37.810302

Opening hours: Mon-Sat, 10:00am-6:00pm
Building area:
236 m2
Total area:
186,6 m2
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