Panel Timber
Frame Houses


Panel Timber Frame Houses

Basic House Kit
In this article the basic delivery house kit manufactured at the plant is described.
Variants of Finishing a Panel Timber Frame House TAMAK
Various façade materials and their combinations are used to highlight the architectural expressiveness of the house. TAMAKs technology is unique because it allows different variants of exterior finishing to be used.
Unique Test of Thermal Performance Qualities of the Structures TAMAK
A cottage TAMAK was the first in Russia to undergo an energy efficiency test with the help of a Blower door which is a piece of special diagnostic equipment for measuring leak tightness of buildings.
Energy Efficient Houses of the 5th Generation
The development history of energy efficient low-rise house structures is closely connected with the evolution of systems of prefabricated fast-erected timber frame houses.
Efficiency of Panel Timber Frame Houses TAMAK
The process of house assembling takes considerably less time due to the high level of readiness of prefabricated house structures. It stands to reason that TAMAKs panel timber frame houses are considered to be fast-erected. For example, a 120 m2 two-storey house is erected within 5-7 days.

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