Panel Timber
Frame Houses

Basic House Kit

TAMAK’s panel timber frame technology implies a high level of readiness of prefabricated houses, and therefore, the shortest working period on the construction site.
1. 47х150 mm timber support beams (dry, planed, treated with antiseptic agents);
2. 168 mm external walls of the ground floor and the veranda;
3. 168 mm internal walls of the ground floor;
4. 94 mm (68, 118 mm) partitions of the ground floor;
5. 227 mm floor slabs of the ground floor;
6. 227 mm external walls and frontons of the attic floor;
7. 168 mm internal walls of the attic floor;
8. 94 mm (68, 118 mm) partitions of the attic floor;
9. non-assembled ceiling of the attic floor;
9.1 wooden structures of the roof frame (pine timber, dry and planed);
9.2 fire resistant insulator Isoroc Isolight m-50 with a density of 50kg/m3, overall thickness of 200 mm;
9.3. vapour sealing membrane;
9.4. 44х50 mm timber pressure bars;
10. a roof frame;
10.1. 44х50 mm groundwork for metal shingles;
10.2. 44х50 mm fixing bars;
10.3. diffusion membrane ONDUTIS SA-115;
10.4. roof trusses; fire-retarding treatment in administrative and apartment buildings or to order of a customer;
11. balcony rails, balcony and porch canopies made of dry planed timber;
12. load-bearing beams and studs;
13. a set of fittings;


16. fascia board and cornice trimmings;
17. 227 mm base bridging slabs;
18. ventilation shafts and channels;
19. joinery;
20. external and internal stairs;
21. moulding items;
22. cable channels and electric wiring;
23. roof coverage;
24. veranda rails.

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