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Unique Test of Thermal Performance Qualities of the Structures TAMAK

TAMAK s cottage was the first in Russia to undergo an energy efficiency test with the help of a BLOWER DOOR (a wind/ventilation door) which is a special piece of diagnostic equipment for measuring leak tightness of a building. It helps to find out such places in a house through which air and heat leakage takes place. The BLOWER DOOR consists of a calibrated ventilator for measuring the air flow level and a pressure-sensitive geophone for measuring the air pressure created by forcing the air into the house.

This piece of equipment gives a possibility to estimate the level of air tightness of a house by measuring the level of pressure drop in the building. The air loss proves that there is a breach in the house structure and this has an effect on the energy efficiency of the house. For visual demonstration the organizers of the test filled the house with white theatrical smoke.

The experiment supervised by Eric Benishek, managing director of the similar Blaue Lagune exhibition (Austria), and Ing Joseph Cram, director of the Austrian Institute of Building Physics, showed, by accurate measurements, that the air leakage coefficient of TAMAKs house was 2.2. This index is better than the norm (which is 3) and it proves good thermal performance qualities of the house.

The absence of the white smoke outside the house, provided that all the holes were closed (including the sockets), showed good heat saving capabilities of TAMAK house.

At the same time Aleksandre Aganin, Doctor of Physics and Mathematics, was shooting the house with a thermovision camera. It helps to create an image of a house with the help of infrared light and see the walls lose or save the heat. On measurements the thermovision camera showed that there were no heat losses through the walls of the house. The heat was partially lost through the main entrance door which could be seen by the smoke coming out. This is not considered a defect of the structure and is allowable.

TAMAKs house has shown great energy saving qualities. That gives us hope that in Russia the concept an energy efficient house will no longer be just fine words but actually be a guiding line for both the people who manufacture and those who buy accommodation.
Eric Benishek
Managing director of Blaue Lagune exhibition

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