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The demonstration house CORINTHIA is another shared project of the companies TAMAK and INDIVIDUALNY DOM. It is a panel timber frame house made of large-size panels according to the Austrian VARIOMAK system. The house architecture has been carried out in the Austrian style with modern design elements. A Maltese balcony, plastered façades with natural stone embeddings create an easily recognizable image of an Austrian chalet. The cottage looks impressive and at the same time lightweight due to the glazing and light-coloured façades.

Despite the fact that the area of the house is not so big, it is bound to stand out by its originality among the houses of the same area. From the moment the project CORINTHIA was carried out it aroused great interest among customers and that was the reason for developing two more variants with total areas of 112 and 172 m2.

In the demonstration house you will be welcomed by both TAMAKs representatives and agents of the company INDIVIDUALNY DOM which is TAMAKs leading panel timber frame construction dealer in the Moscow Region. The demonstration house CORINTHIA is located on the territory of the exposition site LOW-RISE COUNTRY in the vicinity of the hypermarket IKEA Belaya Dacha.

How to get to the site:

If you travel by car, go from the Moscow Automobile Ring Road along Novoegoryevskoe Shosse for 600 m and right after the hypermarket IKEA you will see our exposition site.

Using public transport you can get by fixed-run taxi or by bus from the underground stations Lublino, Kuzminki, Vykhino to the station Mega Belaya Dacha. Then you have to walk from the main entrance of the hypermarket IKEA for 100 m in the direction of Dzerzhinskoe Shosse and you will see the exposition site.

7/7 Dzerzhinskoe Shosse, section 16, Kotelniki, Moscow Region

Total area:
97,8 m2
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