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The demonstration house ANNA is a 100 m2 panel timber frame house made of large-size panels according to the Austrian VARIOMAK system. The house ANNA has been designed for a family of 3-4 members. All the necessary rooms and zones have been planned in the house. On the ground floor there is a hall, a storeroom, a water closet, a kitchen, an integrated space of a dining-room, a study, and a sitting-room. On the first floor there is a hall, a bathroom, a library, and two bedrooms.

In the interior design soft light colours have been used and contrasted to bright accents in the form of the beams and the furniture of a wenge color.

The façades present different variants of external finishing of a house: wall painting with Fachwerk decorative elements, texture cement-bonded particle boards, plaster, and texture painting of the walls. Despite all the variety of finishings the house looks organic and cosy due to the uniform range of warm colours.

The demonstration house ANNA is situated on the territory of TAMAK CJSC: 52 Promyshlennaya Street, Stroitel settlement, Tambov District, Tambov Region.

Total area:
106 м.кв. m2
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