Opening Country House Season Watching FAZENDA

On 23 April 2017 at 11.25, a master class is going to be held in the programme FAZENDA.
Opening Country House Season  Watching FAZENDA
A new programme episode is going to be on the air on 23 April at 11.25 on Channel 1.

Would you like to install a tile floor in your country house where the subflooring is wooden? TAMAK is sure to offer you a solution.
Sheet-backing coat made  of CBPB TAMAK will be an ideal base for tiling.
It is easy to assemble and it is durable and safe in service.


You can see a bright and pleasant to use tile floor in the living-room BOHO in the programme FAZENDA.
Everything got mixed up in this living-room. Furniture of different styles and time periods, a brutal iron stove, small patterm mozaic, retro lamp shadings with fringes. Everything is beatiful and a little negligent.

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