A Design Project

We are glad to inform you that a design project for the series of panel timber frame houses LINTS has been added.
A Design Project
You can estimate the advantages of the projects of LINTS series only with the help of 3D visualization of the developed design project, in which the architects took every detail into account.

The work done by professionals reveals all the benefits of the projects. The zest of this series lies in the combination of the two-storey owner zone comprising two bedrooms and a bathroom with a one-storey guest-room zone having additional illumination. On the ground floor, there is also a wonderful dining-room/kitchen and a spacious technical room where all communication equipment can be located.

Project 340-1-125
Project 341-1-157
Project 342-1-196

The project was worked out by the companys permanent partner the Architectural and Design Studio of Tambov 3D "House.Design.Decor".

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