A New Photo Series

We are glad to offer you a new photo series of a Russian style timber house.
A New Photo Series

The glued timber house was designed and built by TAMAKs dealer STROITELNAYA KOMPANIYA VSL in the Moscow Region. The structures were produced by TAMAK.

The style of the house follows the traditions of an old noble estate. The architects and designers quite magically managed to bring some modern details into the pre-revolutionary interior canons by using the 19th century furniture models in combination with bright refreshing wall colours. The panoramic glazing adds to the 19th century style and fills the space with light and warmth while the textile enters the windows into the interior. The zest of the house is the tiled stove fireplace supporting the colouristic finishing of the façade and being the heart place in the house where all the family can get together.

All the projects of STROITELNAYA KOMPANIYA VSL are distinguished by the thorough working out of the interiors, exteriors, and layouts, tasteful implementation, and unique design ideas. STROITELNAYA KOMPANIYA VSL stands for quality and exquisiteness. We are looking forward to new photo series! 

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