Meeting of Dealers

On 15 December 2017, the 15th jubilee meeting of dealers was held at TAMAK.
Meeting of Dealers

More than 60 companies from all over Russia and the near abroad countries came to the meeting to exchange information about their successful events, learn about TAMAKs new projects, offer ideas, discuss problems, and make plans for the future.

During round table discussions, many urgent problems were solved in the dialogue between the companys representatives and the dealers.

TAMAKs managing director Dominique Romann mentioned the most prominent events of 2017, thanked the colleagues and dealers for this productive year, and awarded the most active, efficient, and devoted dealers of the company. But it was Dr. Maculans outstandingly interesting presentation on wooden house construction history in the world and perspectives for modern house construction that drew everybodys attention.

Despite the economic difficulties, the company is stable, is developing its dealer system and enlarging its sales geography.

This year, the company has implemented many important projects. One of the main goals was increasing the rate of house export. In 2017, the export department was established; the first demonstration panel timber frame house in Austria was built. The staff members of the company joined the ranks of experienced European specialists in house construction. The production process of cement-bonded particle boards was modernized, and a new debarking line was put into operation. A whole range of new products and house series was worked out, scientific research and experiments were carried out. TAMAK won the All-Russian Contest 100 Top Products of Russia 2017 with its two products: cement-bonded particle boards for the second time and panel timber frame houses.

The company has many plans and objectives, life is humming, and the economic difficulties in the country are working as a catalyst for the companys development.

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