Participation in Gaidar Forum

On 16-18 January 2018 the Gaidar Forum, in which TAMAK representatives participated, took place in Moscow.
Participation in Gaidar Forum

The Gaidar Forum is an important political event during which politicians, economists and businessmen have an opportunity to discuss key problems of development of Russias economy.

Such topics as education and specialists training became the focus of the forum. For sustaining a high level of management and efficiency of the companys work, TAMAK considers participation in international standard events obligatory as it creates possibilities for adopting the latest trends and innovations for the plants development.

TAMAKs Managing Director Dominique Romann as well as CBPB Production Director Andrei Savin and CBPB Sales Department Head Vadim Komylevich took part in the forum.

The most interesting topic for the firm at the forum was Practice of Staff Involvement in Achievement of Their Companys Ambitious Goals as TAMAK considers the staff members knowledge and competence to be one of the key factors of the companys competitive ability and success. TAMAK remains one of the leaders of wooden house construction in Russia thanks to the staffs high professional qualities and well-organized work of all the departments.

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