Wooden House Construction Congress

On 15-17 February 2018, a congress on wooden house construction was conducted in Moscow.
Wooden House Construction Congress

This has already become a tradition for the Russian Association of Wooden House Construction to gather the participants of probably the most unique market segment at the beginning of a year. This years congress turned out to be the eleventh and took place in such a period of time when positive changes in the attitude towards wooden house construction could be observed. During the previous year, some alterations were introduced into the normative framework and research work necessary for wider application of wooden materials was launched. The problems connected with state support for exporters and quotas are being gradually solved. 

TAMAK took part in the congress which gave its representatives a chance to touch upon the issues relevant for the company during the discussions. Many urgent topics were considered during the congress. This unique event gave its participants a possibility to discuss all together and in groups the most urgent problems of the sector and to communicate to colleagues, representatives of authorities and financial institutions.

The programme of the congress was designed to cover three days. Representatives of the Federation Council, the State Duma, the Chamber of Trade and Commerce, the Ministry of Industry and Trade, the Ministry of Construction, Housing and Utilities, the Agency for Housing Mortgage Lending, the Federal Agency for Forestry, the Federal Agency for Tourism of the Russian Federation participated in the forum.

As it traditionally happens at the congress, the vector of development for the sector was determined after all the participants were given a possibility to impact the process of formulating the common decisions and setting the priorities.

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