Inspection of Production

TAMAK has been inspected by Austrian auditors.
Inspection of Production

On 13-14 June 2018, TAMAKs production of glued window timber and panel timber frame houses for export to Austria went through regular European certification inspection. The procedure was carried out by Karen Hauer and Sylvia Polleres, auditors from the company HOLZFORSCHUNG, Austria. Production of trusses manufactured with toothed metal plates was also checked. Besides, the work of the laboratory and technical control department in the spheres of the inspected types of production was tested.
TAMAK went through all these inspections successfully. In the next step, samples of glued window timber will be sent to Austria for further laboratory tests.
As a result of the inspection of TAMAKs panel timber frame house production, the validity of its European certificate in Austria was extended. On 13 March 2018, the company acquired a European quality certificate on panel timber frame houses for Austria and Switzerland. The terms on which this certificate is given imply regular inspections of production quality, products and construction work. Another production checkup has successfully been gone through.

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