European Quality CBPB for European Houses

TAMAKs staff is carrying out in-house experiments with cement-bonded particle boards for improving their composition.
European Quality CBPB for European Houses

In April 2017, representatives of Prague Timber Research and Development Institute came to TAMAK for certifying its cement-bonded particle boards and glued timber according to European norms and standards. To comply with the latter, TAMAKs technologists changed the usual composition of CBPB. They increased the amount of cement. Thus, cement-bonded particle boards became less combustible. The samples were sent to Prague Research Laboratory where tests were conducted as a result of which A2 CBPB (marked so for the European market) got a certificate of conformity to EN.
After the certificate was acquired, tests continued to go on. In the in-house laboratory, a variety of experiments are carried out: different components are added and the samples with them go through tests either successfully or not. All this work is conducted for improvement of the usual CBPB composition for the home market.

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