Third Demonstration House in Austria Opened

The third demonstration house SCALA has officially been opened.
Third Demonstration House in Austria Opened

On 20 July, the third demonstration house SCALA was officially opened on the exposition site Musterhauspark in Haid.
Everything was done to perfection: the demonstration house SCALA with the area of 126 m2, two full storeys, and a hipped roof.
The following people were invited to the official opening by the owner of the exposition site Mr. Reiter: the Vice-Governor of Ansfelden, the priest of the community and the official representative of the trademark SCALA Alexandra Meissnitzer (She had been a successful skier for many years and had won medals in winter kinds of sport in the Winter Olympic Games and World Championships for her country).
Ms. Meissnitzer spent the whole day with the guests and even interviewed TAMAKs sales manager Mr. Klaus Steiner on the topic of mutual advantages of cooperation with SCALA.
Such event could not be missed by SCALAs customers and suppliers.
Our company together with the firm SCALA is glad that the ceremony of opening was successful and wishes our business alliance luck and profit.

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