visits Streif

The employees of the TAMAK Company paid a working visit to the Streif Company in Windsheim, Germany.

 visits Streif

On 3-6 October 2018, TAMAK visited Streif with the goal of experience exchange concerning the preparation of project documentation.
TAMAK and Streif have had a history of long-term friendship and partnership. The foundation of TAMAK in 1985 was possible due to the Streif Company, which employees designed the plant and the production lines. P. Kettenbaum was the main engineer.

Streif as a leader of the panel timber frame house-building in Germany has for 30 years shared its counselling expertise with TAMAK.

This trip has gained importance in the light of growing export of TAMAK to Europe. In 2018, TAMAK has completed Austrian certification of timber frame house-building, which created an opportunity to build houses there along with the European companies.

In 2018 TAMAK has built four exhibition houses in Austria according to panel timber frame technology, which are now located at the exhibition areas next to the houses of Austrian manufacturers.

Peter Kettenbaum, the head of the export department, took up a role of a team leader. Peter stood at the origins of the enterprise, has worked at Streif for 27 years and participated in the designing of the plant and has been an employee of TAMAK for 19 years.
After the trip a plan of action was developed, concerning future growth of production capacity.

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