A working visit to Austria

Dealers of the JSC TAMAK visited exhibition houses in Austria.
A working visit to Austria

On 1 - 4 October 2018 TAMAK dealers of Moscow region paid a working visit to Austria. The goal of the trip was to visit low-rise construction exhibit areas and exhibition houses of JSC TAMAK in Musterhauspark and in Haid. The principal shareholder of JSC TAMAK, Mr. Alexander Maculan, conducted a tour of exhibition houses of TAMAK together with the Heads of the exhibit area Mr. Reiter and Mr. Pilz.  

In 2018 four exhibition houses of JSC TAMAK were built in Austria according to the timber frame panel technology, which are now located at the exhibit areas along the houses of Austrian manufacturers.  At the exhibit area in Haid two houses in the style of High-tech are displayed. Particularity of such houses lies in high rate of energy efficiency, water intrusion protection, heat transmission resistance, which ensure reduced heat consumption. The reason behind these qualities is the heat loss requirements for residential buildings, established in Austria, the only country, in which such standards are legally binding. However, among high energy efficiency, the distinctive feature of European houses is implementation of floor-to-ceiling glazing of the ground floor, which creates a visual simplicity of the house and pushes the geometric boundaries of the room.

It was of a great importance for the companys dealers, who also have exhibition houses of TAMAK in Russia, to see engineering equipment of the house in Austria. External automatic shutter attracted the biggest interest of the visitors.

As a pleasant surprise, the guests had an opportunity to visit a well-known German festival Oktoberfest, where they could duly appreciate German beer, the scale of the festival and deep respect of Germans to the traditions of the country.

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