Low-rise construction forum

The All-Russian forum Low-rise construction in Russia.
Low-rise construction forum

On 10 October 2018 the All-Russian forum Low-rise construction in Russia took place in Moscow upon an initiative of the Russian Managers and Developers Guild.

The past forum was marked as one of the most significant events in the construction industry. The first opening speech to the participants and guests of the event was given by the Chairman of the Public Council of the Russian Ministry of Construction, Sergey Stepashin. 

During the forum, industry experts developers, city planers, architects, constructors and technology creators, analysists and economists, representatives of the executive branch discussed development priorities and prospects of large-scale low-rise construction in Russia. Foreign specialists shared their experience in designing and constructing low-rise residential buildings, which could be applied to Russian Federation.

Low-rise construction is one of the key factors of integrated development of a territory and one of the main objectives of Russian national policy. According to the predictions of the Russian Government, the segment of such type of residential construction will have exceeded 70% by 2020. It is expected, that the development of low-rise construction will contribute to the economic growth overall, as new job positions will emerge in the field of construction and installation works, finishing works, customized services and in the construction material industry.

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