TAMAK took part in the first industry forum organized by the Russian-German Chamber of Commerce.

The first Russian-German industry forum in Moscow took place on November 22, 2018.

The new B2B event was organized through mediation of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation as well as the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation. It was also backed by Russian business and industry associations.

The new discussion platform of the Russian-German business community focuses on six sectors that are strategically important for the Russian-German partnership in terms of efficiency. These are machinery, automotive, food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries, as well as infrastructure.

Discussion sessions with high-level participants have been conducted according to the formula From business to business. They were led by heads of companies specializing in respective industrial sectors, who shared first-hand information as well as their professional experience.

Dominik Rohmann, TAMAK CEO, took part in the third section of Russian-German industry forum program, the topic of which was Made in Russia for global economy: export promotion as a priority of Russian industrial policy.

Being a company with 100% Austrian capital, TAMAK has been successfully operating on the Russian market for over 30 years. In recent years, the company has significantly increased the share of export to Europe and continued to develop its export line. Dominik Rohmann shared his experience of overcoming the difficulties with conducting export operations and handling the required formalities. He also talked about possible ways of obtaining benefits for these transactions.

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