100 questions and answers about business in Russia

The Russian-German Chamber of Commerce presents a new 2018 issue of 100 Questions and Answers about business in Russia.
100 questions and answers about business in Russia
The 2018 compilation analyzing the state of Russian economic market has been published by the Russian-German Chamber of Commerce.

Matthias Schepp, Chairman of the Board of Russian-German Chamber of Commerce, strongly believes that there is a steady demand for sensible people with clear understanding of what is actually going on in the market in times of trade restrictions, conflicts, political sanction spirals and currency crises. In Russia, you could hardly find more reliable sources of information than the collective intelligence of our member companies. Economic forecasts and reviews provided by CEOs of German companies operating in Russia are no less reliable than the World Bank reports. At times, they are even more accurate.

TAMAK AG CEO Dominik Rohmann has given an interview on the perspectives of wooden house construction market to the Chamber of Commerce.

Does the Russian homebuilder differ from the German one?

The Russian client definitely imposes no less demands on their house than the German one. However, as a rule, the Russian client wants to get a more personalized house designed according to their requests whereas German customers are more pragmatic and have no objections to building something less personalized to save money. This is the fundamental difference. Still, this peculiarity is also caused by TAMAK operating in business and premium segments.

Which personal requests do Russian clients make?

Since our glulam houses fall into premium segment, we encounter some eccentric requests. Personally, I found it uncommon when a client ordered a grill platform with a 600 m2 grill house. In Germany, such cases are less common. However, the bizarre solutions that used to be in high demand on the Russian market some ten years ago are becoming less popular today. We also observe a clear trend towards functional, energy efficient and eco-friendly houses in Russia.

What do your European clients say about houses made in Russia?
When we supplied our first houses to Europe everybody congratulated us on this and assured us that we can stop worrying about being compared to competitors, if anything. For German and Austrian companies, we are a Russian manufacturer who has just started constructing houses in Austria while already demonstrating impressive quality. We take pride in this.

Which TAMAK projects are you especially proud of?
There are several landmark projects we have accomplished with great pleasure. One example is the ice rink on Red Square and a greater ice rink in St. Petersburg. Our cement-bonded particle boards have been used in the finishing of stadiums, Sheremetyevo and Domodedovo airports, as well as during the renovation of the Hermitage in Saint Petersburg. We cooperate with the Russian star architect Totan Kuzembaev in the field of timber construction.

We believe that there will be more and more people with high expectations for the quality of housing in Russia.

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