TAMAK has obtained the EU market certificate for house building products.

At the end of December 2018, TAMAK received the pan-European certificate of Austrian Holzforschung Institute for compliance of its house building products with EU market standards.

The process of inspecting the company itself as well as its production, manufacturing processes and house building products continued for a whole year and a half.

In July 2017, TAMAK AG together with the Austrian Holzforschung Institute began to certify panel house constructions and structures of insulated timber houses for compliance with European standards in order to be able to supply its products to the Western European market.

A lot of work had to be done.

To obtain a certificate, an inspection of all manufacturing processes was necessary. Specialists of the Holzforschung Institute spent several weeks in the company workshops examining each production stage systematically.

After that, panel constructions and structural connection nodes were assessed. More than 200 technical drawings have been studied thoroughly.

Then, materials and components used for house production were inspected. Absolutely all materials had to be EU certified. Some Russian manufacturers agreed to obtain EU certificates for their products at our request. Non-certified materials have been replaced with corresponding certified alternatives.

A permit (admission) for supplying our house building products to Austria and Switzerland was received on March 13, 2018 as an interim inspection stage.

During the next six months, TAMAK underwent a series of Holzforschung Institute inspections. In December 2018, the company was finally presented with a pan-European certificate for house building products that indicates compliance with European Union (EU) standards. It also received permits for supplying house building products to any European countries.

TAMAK is the first and so far the only Russian company that has confirmed its compliance with EU standards for all house building products including frame-panel, timber and thermo timber.

Obtaining the permit from the Holzforschung Institute is just the first great step. The company will have to confirm quality as well as pass manufacturing and product inspections every six months.

We are proud of the results of our work and consider the outcome of the inspection to be well-deserved. In 2018, TAMAK exported 25 frame-panel houses to Austria and built three showhouses in Austria. The feedback from customers, who were our Austrian construction partners, has been extremely positive. It has confirmed the high production quality. TAMAK presents its products on a par with European manufacturers.
When we supplied the first houses in Europe, everybody congratulated us on this and assured us that we do not have to be afraid of comparison with competitors, if anything. For German and Austrian companies, we are a Russian manufacturer who has just started to build houses in Austria and nevertheless demonstrates impressive quality. We are proud of it, said Dominik Rohmann, Director General of TAMAK JSC.

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